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If you for any odd reason would want to contact me

Currently the best way to do it is to mail me. I have several addresses, but my main one for the public to use is this one. Sorry for the captcha system, but I'm tired of spambots.

Preferred languages are English, Swedish, German, Danish and Norwegian. (According to my school grades I also know French, so I guess you're welcome to try that one too. But don't expect too much.) Answers are given in English or Swedish, or possibly German, but in that case I don't guarantee its readablility.

You can also even try to catch me on Google Talk with the above address, but be aware that my usage of that chat client is rare.

For those who I actually know since earlier I also have a Skype account. It is however "friends only" for now.

There is of course also the possibility to get in touch through one of the third-party sites I'm using, such as Flickr or Twitter.