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The Languages of the Rescue Rangers

The Rescue Rangers have been aired in many countries around the world, including my native Sweden. This page list some common names (with some reservations for the exact spelling of the supporting characters' names) translated into Swedish and Dutch. There's also some other languages' translations below.

In Swedish

Here's some examples on the Swedish translation of the names of the main characters in the show. The show itself is in Swedish titled Piff och Puff Räddningspatrullen, which would retranslate to something like Chip and Dale the Rescue Patrol (or Team).

English nameSwedish nameNotes
ChipPiffThis is not a normal Swedish first name.
DalePuffThis is not a normal Swedish first name. Puff in Swedish is mostly used as in "smokepuff" and "puffed rice" or some cereals brands.
Gadget HackwrenchPärlan SågbockMeans Pearl Sawhorse (Pärlan doesn't have the same sleazy-artist-name value in Swedish as Pearl in English.) As for the surname, I have absolutely no idea why the translator chose Sawhorse.
Monterey JackOskarA common first name in Sweden
Fat CatSvinpälsAn exact translation would be swine-fur, but it's an expression that means something like dirty crook or swine as in "you're a swine".
MoleBulanMeans the bump (There's also an old Swedish expression, bengbulan, that means stupid.)
MeppsRaggeMeans shaggy
WartVårtanMeans the wart
Norton NimnulGordon GrymGrym means cruel. Gordon is not a common Swedish first name. Oh, and he's styled doctor Gordon Grym, not professor.
FoxgloveFladdranThe nearest English equivalent would be Flapper. The ending "-an" implies a female name.
Geegaw HackwrenchIgor SågbockIgor is not a common Swedish name, and I have no idea why the translator choose this Russian style first name.
Shaka BakaShaka Baka
Winifred ("Freddy")Winifred ("Freddy")
BubblesBubbelDirect translation
Pop TopKapsylMeans bottlecap
Cheddarhead CharlieGräddost-KalleGräddost means cream cheese. Kalle is a common Swedish name.
Canina LaFurCanina LaPälsDirect translation
Desiree d'Allure (or de Lure)Desiree de Lure
PlatoPlatonPlaton is the Swedish spelling of the Greek philosopher's name
Aldrin KlordaneAldrin Klordane
Siamese TwinsSiamesiska tvillingarnaDirect translation

In Dutch

English nameDutch nameNotes
ChipKnabbelKnabbel means something among the lines of eating for rodents (especially rabbits and squirrels) but also for humans who eat nuts and other bitter snacks. It's a common name for pets (that's probably because of the comics' popularity).
DaleBabbelMeans talking, chatting, discussing the latest trends, outfit, movies etc.
Gadget HackwrenchDottie Limberg
Monterey JackMonty
Fat CatVet KatDirect translation
MoleMolDirect translation
WartWratDirect translation
SnoutSnuitDirect translation
Norton NimnulNorton Nimnul
FoxgloveFienvleerVleer is from the word vleermuis (bat), I have no idea what "fien" means.
TammyLammyA "Lam" is a lamb (animal) so "Lammy" is something along the lines of "cute-little-creature")
Cheddarhead CharlieEdammer EvertEdammer is a type of cheese, and Evert a normal name.
Camembert KateCamembert Kate
BubblesBubbelsDirect translation
Pop TopPop Top
Rat CaponeRat CaponeVoice actors gave him a Hagish gangster accent instead of a Chicago-an accent
LahwhineyLahwhineySpoken as "Laa-wie-nie"
Canina LaFurCanina LaKefKef means the bark of a lap dog
Desiree d'Allure (de Lure)Louise LokstaartLouise is a normal French first name, "Lokstaart" means Lure-tail
Igmand Ratso RatskiwatskiIgmand Ratso Ratskiwatski
Buffy RatskiwatskiRietje Ratskiwatski
KirbyWoutersNormal Dutch name
Donald DrakeDreek
Geegaw HackwrenchKarel LimbergKarel is the dutch version of the name "Charles", limberg is plane equipment if i remember correctly
Aldrin KlordaneGovert GordijnGordijn means curtain
Siamese TwinsSiamese TweelingDirect translation
Maltese de SadeMarkies SaladeMarkies means Marquis, Salade is dutch for salad
Monsieur L'Sewer Monsieur L'RioolDirect translation
Sewernose de BergeracSiraneus De Bergerac"Sira" is what remains of Sirano De Bergerac, "neus" means nose)
WinnifredWinnifred(She's still called Freddie by her henchmen)
Normie NimnulNormie Nimnul
Stan BlatherBen BazelBen is a normal dutch name, "Bazel" implies that he talks but that no one ever listen to him
Bric & BracBric & Brac

Some more translations

And, even though it has nothing to do with neither the Swedish or Dutch versions, here's some other translations of "Chip 'n' Dale": (Most of these originates from the DCML-pages character database.)
Danish: Chip og Chap
Dutch: Knabbel en Babbel
Faeroese: Kipp og Kjapp
Finnish: Tiku ja Taku
French: Tic et Tac
German: Chip und Chap
Greek: Tsip & Nteil
Italian: Cip & Ciop
Norwegian: Snipp og Snapp
Portuguese: Tico e Teco
Russian: Chip i Dail
Spanish: Chip y Chop
Spanish (Colombia): Chip y Dale
Swedish: Piff och Puff

And here's some other names translated (I've added short explanations for some of the names):
English: Rescue Rangers
Dutch: Rescue Rangers
German: Ritter des Rechts
Finnish: Pelastajat
Italian: Agenti Speciali
Portuguese: Conexão Salva-Ação
Russian: Spasateli
Swedish: Räddningspatrullen

English: Monterey Jack (Monty)
Dutch: Monty
German: Samson
Italian: Monterey Jack
Norwegian: Monty Muskelmus [Muskelmus means musclemouse]
Russian: Rokki
Swedish: Oskar

English: Gadget Hackwrench
Dutch: Dottie Limberg
German: Trixie / Dimsey [Trixie implies she can fix things]
Finnish: Vinkki
Italian: Scheggia
Norwegian: Fiksi [Same meaning as the German Trixie]
Russian: Gaika
Swedish: Pärlan Sågbock

English: Zipper
Dutch: Zipper
German: Summi
Finnish: Pörri
Italian: Zipper
Norwegian: Zum-Zum
Russian: Vzhik
Swedish: Zipper

English: Fat Cat
Dutch: Vet Kat [Means Fat Cat]
German: Al Katzone [Katze means cat in German, the rest is obvious]
Italian: Gatto Lardo [Means Fat Cat]
Russian: Tolstopuz
Swedish: Svinpäls

English: Professor Norton Nimnul
Dutch: Norton Nimnul
German: Professor Nimnul
Italian: Professor Fruttamoto Pandemonium
Russian: Professor Norton Nimnul
Swedish: Doktor Gordon Grym

English: Cheddarhead Charlie
Dutch: Edammer Evert [Same style of name, different sort of cheese]
German: Käsekopf Charlie [Means Cheesehead Charlie]

This page made October 18, 2001 and updated April 23, 2002. Thanks to "CD" for the Dutch names.
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