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Posts tagged as “Italia Emilia”

A slight problem in the wine cellar

So we got this idea that since there actually exist a very nice wine cellar, maybe, just maybe it could be accessible with a skid steer. After all there are ramps…

They may be a bit steep though…

I will gracefully omit to show you what happens when trying to lift a heavy wine barrel with a skid steer which is already in a 45-degree angle. Let’s just say that its lift force and distribution of mass get a bit limited.

In the end, and after some experimenting, we found out that the better option was to let them slide down on their own.

These shenanigans took place on the Italia Emilia Extension map by Edomod – which is still one of the best maps in existence for FS22.

New and old

Isn’t it beautiful? The tractor I mean. A shiny new Kubota is doing its first job. Fetching water from what probably is the most picturesque water source I’ve ever come across on a map.

The map is Edomod’s Italia Emilia Extension, the Kubota is from Giants Kubota DLC and the Joskin water tank wagon is a trusty old base game item.