CDRR "Trading Cards"

These three "trading cards" were an additional gift in the Swedish weekly comic book "Kalle Anka & C:o" in 1994. They were a part of a total of 35 cards with different Disney characters. The text gives a short description of each character. (In the case of the Rescue Rangers the descriptions are a little weird.)

Chip, who is brave and keeps his head cool, is the leader of the Rescue Rangers. Dale is a true optimist who often gets himself in trouble. Small Zipper is a quiet but resourceful spy who helps them out of all tricky situations.
The founder of the Rescue Rangers and therefore also Chip and Dale's employer. She can get the other Rangers to do nearly anything, since she herself is so smart and brave.
A cunning guy with sharp claws, who the Rescue Rangers have a lot of trouble with. When Fat Cat puts his vicious plans in motion, things get really thrilling.

These cards probably has Danish and Norwegian equivalents, since nearly all contents in the comic books are the same. I have never seen any of those cards, though.

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