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Johan's Rescue Rangers Pages - a.k.a. Under the Ranger Tree

Hi, and welcome to the part of my site dedicated to Disney's Chip 'n Dale Rescue Rangers. I'm well aware of the fact that this isn't exactly one of the biggest fan sites about the show, but hopefully you'll still be able to find something interesting. That said, this is what you do find here right now:

Comics Info

Chip 'n' Dale Rescue Rangers comics never got more than nineteen issues before Disney cancelled the comic book series. Here is a listing of the stories.

Rescue Rangers comic stories. This is an incomplete listing of all CDRR comic stories produced, and some of their publications.

Ranger comics in the Disney Adventures magazine. After the cancellation of their own title, Rescue Ranger comics continued to be published in a few other American comic books, mostly in the Disney Adventures magazine.

Do you recognize these comics? This is the first pages of a number of RR comics whose US publications I'm unsure of (probably they were never published in the US).

Language Fun

Rescue Rangers in Sweden and the Netherlands. A list of the main character's names in the Swedish and Dutch versions with some short explanations.

Some more translations. A short listing of the rangers' names in other languages.

Lyrics retranslated. What the Swedish versions of some of the songs would be if retranslated into English.

Song Parodies (by me)

"The Best of One Old Show". This one even got an Golden Acorn Award (if you necessary must know it, the opponent is to be found on the next line...).

"Sweet Gadget". A song parody based on the original Blackadder theme song.

"These Rangers Must Die". Another song parody. This time from the musical "Jesus Christ Superstar".

Fan Art (by me)

"Gadget Takes the Prize" (Dec. 2001) My first published piece of fan art. Inspired by the Nobel Prize's centennial jubilee.

"Pixelated Gadget" (Jan. 2003) The inspiration for this one came from looking at a cell phone's screen. And yes, she's supposed to look angry.

Interactive Stuff

When did she say THAT?!. A little quiz to test your knowledge of Gadget quotes.

Vote for your RR favorites. Here you can cast your vote on best RR episode, best RR actor/actress and best RR supporting actor/actress.

Other Things of Interest

CDRR "Trading Cards". Three cards that were a giveaway in the weekly Scandinavian Disney comic books.

Episode guide. An episode guide of the original tv-show. This guide is not made by me.

CDRR on DVD now!. Where I state my view on why Disney should release the episodes on DVD.

Work in progress

There are a number of long overdue fanfics with the working titles "The Prize", "SMQR" and "Nightlife" that I really should complete someday. None of them will be finished tomorrow though.

Before You Leave

There is a great number of sites out there featuring our beloved Rescue Rangers, my linkpage can show you the way to some of them.

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