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Tonakai Gaming is not a generic gaming site jumping from game to game trying to be popular and catch the latest fad. You will never find a constant, endless stream of new games showing up here. Instead we cover and write about the games that we actually are curious about, like and play a not insignificant amount of.

This means that you will ever only find a limited number of games covered here and most will belong to a few genres that are favoured by us. These tend to be simulation games, RPGs, survival builders of the more chill type, and the occasional strategy game. Games that could be called relaxing games, if only one word has to be used to describe them.

Another thing that – at least for the present – separates us from most of today’s gaming sites is that we’re old-fashioned enough to stick to the written word. We don’t do video playthroughs or Let’s play sessions. Because that’s not what we’re good at. Other people do that better (and are in the position of doing it in their native languages, which we are not since the potential audience would be miniscule). So we stick to what we feel we can do good – writing stuff.