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Crusader Kings III

It is no easy challenge to make a successor to a game like Crusader Kings II, but Paradox Entertainment dared it in the end. Part of the story goes that Crusader Kings II had reached the end of not its playable life, but the end of its patching in new DLCs life. And it is probably more or less true.

Familiar, yet new.

The fact that Crusader Kings III had to follow a predecessor which had been built, rebuilt and added to for many years and with a staggering number of DLCs, meant that there was a real fear that Paradox would do a The Sims thing and neuter the new game into a barebones “start-everything-over and here’s the same kind of DLCs for you to buy again” kind of game. As it turned out, they didn’t. Or rather, they sort of might have but in such a way that it is at least not too obvious.

Granted, it helps that probably not many remember exactly how Crusader Kings II was when it first premiered.

Crusader Kings III is of course not as huge and content-rich as a fully DLC-ed CK2. But it still feel like it brings enough of the good parts from the predecessor to be more than just a starter package.