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Oxbo Pack DLC

The Oxbo Pack DLC is one of the smaller packs coming from Giants, with only four machines at the first glance. Although depending on how you like to count you could end up at a higher number without too much problem.

The main reason for this is the star of the show: the self-propelled Oxbo 6030 grape harvester, or sprayer, since it is multi-functional and the same chassis are used for several different builds – two harvester designs and one sprayer.

In the same vein the tri-wheeled self-propelled Oxbo AT4103 and AT5105 applicators both come in two versions – one for slurry distribution (LNMS) and one for manure (DNMS).

The pack also includes the 12 metre Oxbo 2340 forage merger, which is a part of what the company calls the triple merger concept. Basically a nice and effective way to gather together the mowed grass or forage before collecting.

The alternative four. From the left the Oxbo AT4103 DNMS, Oxbo AT5105 DNMS, Oxbo 6030 in alternate harvester version, and Oxbo 6030 in sprayer configuration.

Today’s Oxbo has grown from a line of mergers and acquisitions during the years. Earlier brands used were Ploeger, FMC, Byron & Pixall and Korvan. The Oxbo branding stems from a name change in 1998 when one of the company’s predecessors Byron & Pixall adopted the new common name for their products.

Oxbo is a manufacturer of farm equipment mostly geared toward application, forage, and fruits, rootfruits and maize harvesting machinery. The company headquarter is in Roosendaal in the Netherlands and they have manufacturing facilities in the Netherlands, the United States, the United Kingdom, France, and Brazil. The company’s products are sold globally.

Distributing goodness with Oxbo AT4103 DNMS. (And yes, I know that field isn’t in the optimal stage for getting fertilized.)

Self-propelled machinery is always a nice thing to have since it frees the tractors for other use and simplifies things. Of course it’s not the cheapest machines around, so I guess it’s most of use for farmers with some size on their operations. The two-version-in-one system makes it a bit more affordable however since the same machine engine can handle both slurry and manure.

The tri-wheel design also means that the machines get a very good turning radius which can come in very handy in tight corners both on fields and roads. It can take a bit to get used to though so one does not oversteer.

For the actually slurry spreader nozzles you have to use those in the base game (or possibly the ones in the Pumps ‘n Hoses Pack) because there are no new ones coming in this pack. The Oxbo machines very happily work with any of those though, so it’s not a problem at all.

Oxbo AT4103 LNMS spreading its wings. The spreader nozzle is the base game Zunhammer one.
The big ‘un on the road. Oxbo AT5105 DNMS.

If you like doing grape growing, the Oxbo pack DLC is, if not a must so in any case a very, very nice one to have in order to get some more variation with the machines. The specially designed sprayer alone makes it worth it. If you’re more of an open field farmer it becomes more about the tri-wheelers and they are providing a nice increase in variety as well considering the limited numbers of similar equipment. And as usual as official Giants’ mods they are beautifully made and works like a charm together with the other equipment.