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Göweil Pack DLC

Göweil is an Austrian manufacturer of agricultural equipment specializing in all aspects of silage baling. The company was founded in 1988 by Herbert Göweil in Upper Austria and the first machine, a bale wrapper with a rotating wrapper arm which was something new. From there the company has grown to become a global supplier of bale presses and wrappers.

The Göweil Pack DLC delivers a choice of nine different machines and tools from the brand’s catalogue. Four balers, three bale wrappers, and two tools for handling the finished bales.

The most novel thing for Farming Simulator is that with the addition of Göweil’s LT-Master series, it is now possible to make maize forage into wrapped bales as well as packaging cut sugarbeets and TMR. These two machines are stationary balers and as such they are supposed to be placed in a suitable location and then fed with the resource you want to bale. They are also equipped with Göweil’s turning bale arm which takes the finished bale and setis it down on the flat side instead of it just rolling out. This could be a very nice little finesse when one ends up making bales in a place where the surface is not flat. Hunting escaping roundbales is not always that fun after all. And in any case the turning and handling looks very neat.

A Göweil LT-Master on its way.
The LT-Master needs a bit of space when set up.

There is also of course a couple of more ordinary baling machines from the brand. The Göweil G-1 F125 and the Göweil G-1 F125 Kombi while not revolutionary are both nice machines and a welcome variation if you are starting to get a little bored of the standard choices in the game. (Although by now the number of different brands are high enough that getting very bored is unlikely in any case.) The first being a roundbaler and the latter a combined baler and wrapper producing round bales.

A very ordinary but quite nice and affordable Göweil G-1 F125.

If we are to talk of increased choices, the smallest items in the pack is maybe more of a welcome increase in variation. Göweil’s bale handler for square bales is of a somewhat different model compared to what I’ve been using in the game earlier and bigger variation is always good. In particular for things like baling that you end up doing a lot.

Grabbing bales.

The Göweil Pack DLC is 100 percent about bales. So it is a DLC for the ones who want a larger variation of machinery and tools to use in this process. Of course, baling is such a central part of the farming that this pack most likely would be useful for pretty much anyone playing the game. If it is necessary – well, that’s more up to the individual. It does provide for some new opportunities like the maize baling. It is also nice to get an additional brand that seems to have quite a global precence, which means it can be useful for all us who like to have a larger degree of realism in our choice of equipment to use on a maps for different parts of the world.