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Washington DLC – A Brief Review

The state of Washington was the last DLC to cover the Pacific coast for American Truck Simulator to be released and continued from Oregon to provide the game map with a different type of landscape than we had been used to from the southwest. The sand colours are here clearly giving way for the verdant greens of evergreen forests. With this map part we also for the first time in ATS get a ferry route.

As for cities we of course get a rendition of the Seattle-Tacoma urban area along Puget sound. And since we’re talking about Tacoma – the birthplace of Boeing – we also naturally get an airplane industry. Although in-game it is aptly named Darwing due to trademark reasons.

The Washington DLC is a welcome landscape change from the drier southwest. Outside of the cities the deep evergreen forests are very present and at times I almost can feel the smell of sunny pinetrees. (I grew up in northern Europe, so bear with me for being landscape nostalgic here.) The less populated inland in this way makes for a nice contrast to the built up metropolitan region of Seattle and Tacoma.

As for industries the main addition here is focused on forestry, unsurprisingly enough. The logging camps and the gravel roads leading to them brings a new experience to the driving and I can’t help but appreciate the winding forest tracks for being a welcome cange of pace from the American freeways.

The cityscape along the coast has successfully been implemented to provide that big city feeling and at the same time feels unique. All in all Washington is a very nice addition to the map that rounds out the Pacific coast.