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Case IH Farmall mini-DLC

A new little mini-DLC has just been released for Farming Simulator 22 in order to celebrate the 100 year anniversary for the Case IH Farmall line of tractors.

The Case IH Farmall Anniversary Pack contains three items: the first is the Case IH Farmall 1066 Hydro, a model which was manufactured between 1971 and 1976 by International Harvester – the IH in today’s Case IH – and this classic six-cylinder diesel tractor is still going strong on farms and in vintage tractor circles today. The second is the modern Case IH Farmall C Series, a smaller-sized multipurpose tractor with 120 hp, and probably a bit more comfortable than its fifty year old predecessor. The third piece in the pack is the L630 frontloader for the Farmall C.

The price for the pack on Steam and on Giants’ own site is 1,49 €.

Farming Simulator Kids coming in 2024

Giants Software is going to broaden their Farming Simulator gaming series with an all new Farming Simulator Kids geared towards, well, kids obviously. The new game is produced in cooperation with John Deere, so it is likely to include tractors and the likes from the iconic green brand.

Aimed towards younger children, the new game will focus on audiovisual presentation instead of text, and provide a child-friendly environment to play in. Virtual neighbors – including some anthropomorphic animal characters – display their needs for help and ask young players to harvest crops, or prepare a delicious sandwich.

They will also be able to explore farm locations to grow and harvest healthy crops, or care for adorable farm animals like cows, chickens, or geese in their stables. The game will include mini-games like gardening and sandwich-making as well as the possibility to visit their own farmers’ market and meet characters to interact with. As big tractors and other vehicles are a must, kids can operate a variety of John Deere machines.

“We’re thrilled beyond measure to introduce young children to farming in a playful and sheltered way,” says Thomas Frey, Creative Director at GIANTS Software. “With John Deere as our ideal partner for Farming Simulator Kids, we’re creating an educational and unforgettable – even inspiring – farming game for young players, one that may even nurture their general interest in farming.”

“It is a pleasure for us to support such an appealing project, which introduces children to agriculture in a playful way and awakens their interest in food production,” comments Stefan Mügge, Manager Marketing Communication at John Deere. 

Feature Highlights

  • ·         Child-Friendly Graphics, Music & Sound Effects
  • ·         Character Creator with Lots of Styles & Possibilities
  • ·         Multiple Locations to Explore: Farm, Barn, Market & More
  • ·         10+ Crops to Plant & Harvest, 75+ Food Items, 100+ Objects & Other Items
  • ·         Vehicles & Tools by John Deere, the World’s Largest Agricultural Brand
  • ·         Domestic & Wild Animals to Befriend and Care for
  • ·         Loveable Characters and Animals to Meet
  • ·         Activities like Field Tasks, Driving Vehicles, Gardening & Making Sandwiches 
  • ·         Achievement System & Video Creator

Farming Simulator Kids will be released in Spring 2024 for Nintendo Switch and mobile devices.

FS22 Premium Expansion items

Giants Software has now released a new garage video present the new machines and tools coming with the upcoming Premium Expansion Pack.

The Premium Expansion will add over 35 new items from both new and old brands. New brands are Dewulf, Gorenc, Agrio and WIFO, while there are additional machines from among others Bednar, Fiat, Grimme, Kverneland, and SaMasz.

The Premium Expansion Pack will be released November 14.

Cities: Skylines II gets good pre-release reviews

Colossal Order and Paradox’ new iteration of the bestselling Cities: Skylines gets good grades from the reviewers who have got pre-release copies of Cities: Skylines II.

On the review aggregation site Metacritic the game now has a metascore of 77/100 based on 33 reviews and the site Opencritic lists it with also 77/100.

The first Cities: Skylines game was released in spring 2015 and is Paradox’ biggest hit yet with over 12 million copies sold. It has also had a steady release of DLC:s and a very healthy modder community.

Yesterday evening Cities: Skylines II was the fourth most wishlisted game on Steam and on their global list of sales it was on place ten.

FS22 Premium Expansion: Welcome to Zielonka

In November it is time for the second big expansion pack for Farming Simulator 22. The Premium Expansion will – among many other things – provide a new official map with an east Polish feeling to it. So welcome to a sneak peek of Zielonka.

Next stop Arkansas

Somewhat surprisingly SCS Software has now revealed the latest American Truck Simulator map DLC in their production pipeline. And it is somewhat surprising because it turned out to be Arkansas. It seems the two Dakotas will have to wait a bit longer.

In my personal opinion I think going with Arkansas after Nebraska makes sense in that it moves us a bit further east. I’m sure there are very nice things to discover in both South and North Dakota too, but there is a risk that it becomes a little too much midwest at once.

FS22 Oxbo Pack DLC

The next DLC for Farming Simulator 22 will drop on September 19 and features the Oxbo brand. Oxbo, which this far has been represented in the base game by one single sprayer, is a manufacturer of specialty harvesting and controlled application technology.

With the coming pack that lone sprayer can get company by four (or seven, depending on how you choose to count) new pieces of Oxbo equipment:

  • Oxbo 6030 – Harvester configuration
  • Oxbo 6030 – Sprayer configuration
  • Oxbo AT5105 – LNMS configuration
  • Oxbo AT5105 – DNMS configuration
  • Oxbo AT4103 – LNMS configuration
  • Oxbo AT4103 – DNMS configuration
  • Oxbo 2340

The star of this pack probably is the Oxbo 6030 multi-function grape harvester, which is a very versatile machine with configurable harvester and sprayer attachments.