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Christmas deliveries

It is Christmas time again, which means it is also time for the annual tradition of hauling Christmas gifts in Euro Truck Simulator 2 and American Truck Simulator.

This year SCS Software has freshened up the tradition a bit by adding a whole new dimension to it. Literally another dimension. Because this time good are to be transported to and from Santa’s Winterland itself by the means of traversing through one of the many dimensional portals strategically put up on rest stops, refueling points and the likes.

No, you don’t have to hit 88 mph to make the dimensional jump. Only go to one of the designated portals.

The Winterland itself is as the name hints a very wintery place indeed with lots of snow and Christmas feeling. Also watch out, the roads are not only looking snowy – they make for snow driving when it comes to road grip too.

Driving through a winter wonderland.
Arriving to the Christmas market with a truck full of goodies.

As usual goods deliveries made in ETS2 and ATS add up together, so if you have both games you don’t have to do all the work twice in order to get the achievements and rewards for both.

Halloween hauling

It’s that spooky time of the year again and as is tradition, SCS Software’s yearly Halloween event is running in both American Truck Simulator and Euro Truck Simulator 2.

As usual if you own both games the Halloween deliveries you do in both games add up together, so you don’t have to do the full thirteen deliveries in both.

Scary is the word. Getting a red light and an approaching train at once is not always the best thing to happen.

A roadtrip to the north

Since I’m finally up to date on the Promods mod version and in a try to forget about the autumn coming rapidly here, I decided to take a tour up north where there blissfully is eternal summer in Euro Truck Simulator 2. So a photo album from the high Nordics it is.

First task. Delivering a yacht from Narvik to Hammerfest. Don’t ask me why they couldn’t just, you know, sail it there.

And once that was done I couldn’t resist from taking a pure sightseeing tour up to Nordkapp. One fun thing is that I actually managed to arrive there right before midnight, so I got to see the midnight sun in all its game glory.

Morning again and time to return south. But in order to not make it a totally unprofitable journey we first should pick up some cargo. And then it’s time to start tunneling and winding back.

The goal, central Finland. So there’s a bit to go.

Things to do while at sea

Seahorses, anyone?

“I am out riding, my dog Amiable beside me, when she suddenly runs off into the . My retinue assures me she will come back, but what if she doesn’t?!”

And as an extra bonus, not related to the above. Smurfs, meet king Gargamel ‘the Lame’ Fezensac of France.

ETS 2 dawn

Even if I ought to be used to it by now I sometimes still can’t help but marvel over some of the visuals in this game. Sometimes what you need is just to tune in a nice radio station and drive all through the night.

Karhuvaara again

At Karhuvaara the farming continues. The most important on the to-do list at the moment being mowing some of the grass fields for silage and cow feed. The twenty milk cows might not be the largest herd, but they still need their feed.

Downhill mowing.
Old tractors can still do good work.

Simultaneously with the grassland work there’s still things left to out on the barley field. Or former barley field since all that’s left now is the straw. The quite important straw that in due time will become bedding for the cows. But in order to become that it first needs to be collected in neat little bales.

Bale pick up in process.

Once the straw bales have been safely brought back to the farm and stashed, it’s time to refill some other stocks as well. Both seeds and fertilizer will soon come in handy.

Shopping time.

The Valtra and the MP-Lift are both mods made by Farmari99 and available at the official modhub. Volvo BM 2654 tractor is part of the Platinum Expansion Pack DLC, while the Pöttinger forage wagon and the Krone mower both come in the Hay & Forage Pack DLC.

Welcome to Karhuvaara

It is time to honour the northern part of my ancestry, so welcome to Karhuvaara, Finland. Land of lakes, birch trees and long summer days.

Luckily it’s still summer for now, so let’s forget about those short winter days. There’s work to be done. On our newly acquired field the barley is golden yellow and ready to be harvested. That potato field on the other side of the river looks quite promising too.

When starting out as a northern farmer it is a good thing that there already exist some equipment which maybe isn’t the newest models, but they are still very functional for our purpose. The Junkkari trailer is fresh from the store though and as such quite a bit newer than the workhorse pulling it.

The map is a mod made by INF Modding and available on the modhub, so is the Junkkari J16 trailer which is made by Farmari99. The New Holland TX 32 harvester is a free official Giants mod, and the Volvo BM 2654 tractor is part of the Platinum Expansion Pack DLC.

American panorama

There are moments when you just have to take a pause and just enjoy the view.

This is the town of McGregor, Iowa, on the Upper Mississippi River Valley map for Farming Simulator 22.