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Valheim devs talk modding

Iron Gate, the makers of Valheim, recently made a post talking about mods and the modding community. The main point being to address the issue with the selling of mods. Something that Iron Gate – like most game developers – aren’t a fan of.

To quote their post on the matter:

“The thing that we’ve been getting the most questions about, however, is the phenomenon where mods cost money. We definitely understand that you spend a lot of your time on creating a mod, and that you might want financial compensation for that, but Iron Gate does not condone locking modded content behind a paywall.

We feel that charging money for a mod is against the creative and open spirit of modding itself, and therefore we urge all mod authors to make their mods freely available to all who want to play them. This should include the whole mod, and not just have part of the mod available for free while another part of it costs money. If you want to show your appreciation for a mod author you can of course still support them with a voluntary donation, but we do not want payment to be a requirement to access a mod.”

While they stop short of saying that they will take action against modders who sell mods, it is quite clear that it is a disliked practice.

FS22 Hay & Forage Pack is next DLC

Giants Software’s next DLC for Farming Simulator 22 is to be the Hay & Forage Pack and will offer a number of new tools for grass work.

This time the DLC will be mostly geared toward European farming style it seems, with one new German brand – mowing specialist Brielmaier – and two Austrian manufacturers – REFORM and Reiter – as new brands for the game. In addition there will be new equipment from already existing in-game brands Krone, Pöttinger, Rigitrac, and Sepp Knüsel. It also sounds like there will be some extra focus on mowing and handling grass in more difficult terrain.

In total the DLC will include 17 brand-new specialized vehicles and tools:

  • Brielmaier – Motor Mower S250
  • KRONE – EasyCut F 320 Highland
  • KRONE – Swadro S 350 Highland
  • KRONE – Vendro 820 Highland
  • PÖTTINGER – TOP 1403 C
  • REFORM – Metrac
  • REFORM – PrimAlpin
  • REFORM – Tipper Unit
  • Reiter – R3 compact 700
  • Reiter – R7 rd
  • Reiter – R9 profi
  • Rigitrac – SKH 60
  • Sepp Knüsel – Tornado
  • Sepp Knüsel – Tornado Plus

The DLC will be released June 13 for PC and consoles but is already available for preorder.

New Volvo in American Truck Simulator

There has been added yet another new driveable truck in American Truck Simulator. This time it is the new Volvo VNL.

The new models include the VNL 860, 740, and 300, with the 860 standing in the spotlight as the flagship and most advanced model of the three, offering the highest standard for the most demanding of truckers. And as usual they come with a range of possible customizations to both the exterior and the interior.

Oldtimer Cruising Time

Sometimes you cant help but feel a little like a roadblock. But it’s also a bit of a serene experience just chugging along, feeling the Saskatchewan summer warm wind in your face.

Old John Deere tractor is one of the Giants Farmcon gift mods and the auger is from the free silo DLC pack.

New MAN in Euro Truck Simulator 2

SCS Software this week added the new MAN TG3 TGX as a driveable truck in Euro Truck Simulator 2.

As usual it arrives with a select choice of configurations and customizations. This includes 3 cabin sizes (GN, GM, GX), 6 chassis types (4×2, 6×2, 6×4, and 8×4), 8 transmissions, and 9 engine options up to 640hp. There is also quite a number of customizations available for it, where maybe the most interesting is the option to use the MAN OptiView digital mirror system. This makes it only the second truck in the game after the latest DAF truck able to use digital camera mirros instead of classic outside mounted mirrors. In the MAN’s case it also comes with a blindspot detector accessory with new functionality as well as the option to display the front digital mirror on the infotainment screen.

FS22 Content Update

There is new free content coming to Farming Simulator 22 in combination with the new patch 1.9.1. This time it is the two AGCO brands Massey Ferguson and Fendt that get some new love.

The new machines are two Massey Ferguson tractors – 6S and 7S – and four different balers, two from each brand. Or more exactly two different balers in two versions each.

The round balers – which also have wrapping technology built-in – are called Massey Ferguson MF RB 4160V Protec and Fendt Rotana 160 V Combi respectively while the square baler is named MF 2370 Ultra HD in its Massey Ferguson version and Squadra 1290 N UD in the green Fendt one.

In addition to the new content there’s also some fixes coming in patch 1.9.1 and the changelog is as follows:

Changes & Improvements

  • PC/Mac: Added paste (Ctrl + V) support for text/password input fields
  • Mixerwagon info HUD works again
  • Fixed folding issues on the cotton harvesters
  • Fixed issues with bale transport tools
  • Bales from missions can now be stored in the “Bale & Pallet Storage”
  • Fixed automatic motor turn off on the John Deere CP690
  • Fixed functionality of plows to properly remove chopped straw from the ground
  • Proper hardware profile mapping of Intel ARC GPUs
  • Updated to FSR 2.2
  • Updated to DLSS v 3.1 (Bug Fixes & Stability Improvements)
  • Screenspace Shading Rate Bug Fixes & Improvements

Modding improvements

  • Improved terrain occluder performance, requires resaving of the map with the editor once

Farming Simulator – The Magazine

The Farming Simulator game series now has its own official magazine. The first issue of which is available both in print and digital form, either at select local newsstands or as digital purchase and download from the Giants Farming Simulator website.

With 52 pages in total, the makers of the game series report on information on new releases such as the recently announced Farming Simulator 23 for mobiles and provide tips and tricks directly from experts behind the game. In addition, fans of the series can enjoy curated collections of the best user-generated and developer-tested mods available for download in Farming Simulator 22.

Readers will learn more about Farming Simulator influencers as well as Giants Software employees in personal interviews, and find out about immersion-boosting game peripherals in tech reviews. Event reports from the company’s international appearances and the Farming Simulator League are also part of the magazine. Each issue will include a special goodie – included in issue one is a download code for the classic Porsche Diesel Junior 108 tractor for Farming Simulator 22.

The physical print edition is available at select newsstands in 12 countries and 6 languages – German, English, Polish, French, Italian and Spanish.

A second issue of the magazine will be released in summer.

ETS2 Update 1.47

The 1.47 update for Euro Truck Simulator 2 has been released and features some bug fixes, a redesign of the user interface which now shows more details about your company, some new gameplay additions – It is now possible to buy your own gas cistern and livestock trailers – as well as the continued rework of German cities. This time it’s Stuttgart, Frankfurt, Nurnberg and Erfurt which have been completely redesigned.

A more general implementation is the new Uneven Surface Simulation – small bumps are procedurally generated to give roads and other terrains an imperfect feel to them. While they may not be visible to the driver, you will be able to feel these subtle bumps and in some cases hear them affect your vehicle whilst driving.

Among other new things introduced with the update is the possibility for Adaptive Cruise Control and Emergency Braking System. Adaptive Cruise Control automatically adjusts the distance and speed from the vehicle in front when in cruise control mode. This is especially handy when encountering a busy highway, where you may find traffic often merging into a gap in front of you, or in situations where traffic speed is constantly changing. The Emergency Braking System for its part activates your brakes whenever a collision is imminent with the vehicle in front, to avoid or minimize damage. This technology in the real world has saved countless lives and is found in most modern trucks.

There has also been a rethink when it comes to how the necessary reset after a game update functions. Whenever the player’s economy is reset during a game load, it was the norm for you to be teleported to your HQ garage. From now on you will instead be offered a free quick travel to any service station of your choice after a game change was detected.

Farming Simulator 22 patch 1.9 released

It’s getting close to DLC release time again – the Göweil pack is coming March 21 – so that means it’s also time for the usual pre-DLC patch for the base game.

This time the main visible new stuff is the addition of a new storage building made specifically to handle bales and pallets in a nice, easier way. Which may be a very welcome addition not the least for when the Göweil pack drops next week.

The changelog in full is as follows:

New Additions

  • Added bale and pallet storage building
  • TMR can now be transported with silage trailers
  • Added ‘Screenspace Shading Rate’ option for improved performance

Bugfixes & Changes

  • Fixed discharging of Kuhn SPW Intense
  • Fixed state of bale wrappers after savegame loading or joining in multiplayer
  • Visual fixes on Claas XERION, Hardi Aeon, Hawe SUW, John Deere 6R, Krone BiGX & Manitou MLT 625
  • Fixed start duration of Zetor Z-25K
  • Fixed server list not refreshing after canceling password dialog


  • Added support for up to 64 fruit types in mod maps