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Cities: Skylines II gets good pre-release reviews

Colossal Order and Paradox’ new iteration of the bestselling Cities: Skylines gets good grades from the reviewers who have got pre-release copies of Cities: Skylines II.

On the review aggregation site Metacritic the game now has a metascore of 77/100 based on 33 reviews and the site Opencritic lists it with also 77/100.

The first Cities: Skylines game was released in spring 2015 and is Paradox’ biggest hit yet with over 12 million copies sold. It has also had a steady release of DLC:s and a very healthy modder community.

Yesterday evening Cities: Skylines II was the fourth most wishlisted game on Steam and on their global list of sales it was on place ten.

Things to do while at sea

Seahorses, anyone?

“I am out riding, my dog Amiable beside me, when she suddenly runs off into the . My retinue assures me she will come back, but what if she doesn’t?!”

And as an extra bonus, not related to the above. Smurfs, meet king Gargamel ‘the Lame’ Fezensac of France.

Europa Universalis IV turns 10 years old

Paradox’s Europa Universalis IV turns 10 years old. Yes, it’s right, the latest iteration in the popular Europa Universalis series has been in action for a decade now. And to celebrate there’s a brand new free 10th Anniversary Community Music Pack for everyone. All you have to do is fetch it in the Steam store (or the corresponding place for other stores).

The pack is made in collaboration with Utopia Music and the producer George Hammond. The tracks are also available for listening on Spotify.

Full track listing:
1. Dawn of an Empire (Anbennar)
2. Into the Beyond (Ante Bellum)
3. The Conquistador (Atlas Novum)
4. A World to Explore (Europa Expanded)
5. A Brief History of Everything (Extended Timeline)
6. One World (Flavor Universalis)
7. All Roads Lead to Rome (Imperium Universalis)
8. Clara Umbra (Lux in Tenebris)
9. Back to the Motherland (Third Odyssey)
10. In Taverns and Great Halls (1356 – A Timeline Extension)

Cities Skylines II is coming

The successor to Colossal Order’s and Paradox’s very well received city builder Cities Skylines is now officially revealed and even has a release date – October 24, 2023.

And from the look of it, it’s going to be gorgeous.