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Posts tagged as “Promods”

A roadtrip to the north

Since I’m finally up to date on the Promods mod version and in a try to forget about the autumn coming rapidly here, I decided to take a tour up north where there blissfully is eternal summer in Euro Truck Simulator 2. So a photo album from the high Nordics it is.

First task. Delivering a yacht from Narvik to Hammerfest. Don’t ask me why they couldn’t just, you know, sail it there.

And once that was done I couldn’t resist from taking a pure sightseeing tour up to Nordkapp. One fun thing is that I actually managed to arrive there right before midnight, so I got to see the midnight sun in all its game glory.

Morning again and time to return south. But in order to not make it a totally unprofitable journey we first should pick up some cargo. And then it’s time to start tunneling and winding back.

The goal, central Finland. So there’s a bit to go.