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ETS2 Update 1.47

The 1.47 update for Euro Truck Simulator 2 has been released and features some bug fixes, a redesign of the user interface which now shows more details about your company, some new gameplay additions – It is now possible to buy your own gas cistern and livestock trailers – as well as the continued rework of German cities. This time it’s Stuttgart, Frankfurt, Nurnberg and Erfurt which have been completely redesigned.

A more general implementation is the new Uneven Surface Simulation – small bumps are procedurally generated to give roads and other terrains an imperfect feel to them. While they may not be visible to the driver, you will be able to feel these subtle bumps and in some cases hear them affect your vehicle whilst driving.

Among other new things introduced with the update is the possibility for Adaptive Cruise Control and Emergency Braking System. Adaptive Cruise Control automatically adjusts the distance and speed from the vehicle in front when in cruise control mode. This is especially handy when encountering a busy highway, where you may find traffic often merging into a gap in front of you, or in situations where traffic speed is constantly changing. The Emergency Braking System for its part activates your brakes whenever a collision is imminent with the vehicle in front, to avoid or minimize damage. This technology in the real world has saved countless lives and is found in most modern trucks.

There has also been a rethink when it comes to how the necessary reset after a game update functions. Whenever the player’s economy is reset during a game load, it was the norm for you to be teleported to your HQ garage. From now on you will instead be offered a free quick travel to any service station of your choice after a game change was detected.

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