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FS22 Oxbo Pack DLC

The next DLC for Farming Simulator 22 will drop on September 19 and features the Oxbo brand. Oxbo, which this far has been represented in the base game by one single sprayer, is a manufacturer of specialty harvesting and controlled application technology.

With the coming pack that lone sprayer can get company by four (or seven, depending on how you choose to count) new pieces of Oxbo equipment:

  • Oxbo 6030 – Harvester configuration
  • Oxbo 6030 – Sprayer configuration
  • Oxbo AT5105 – LNMS configuration
  • Oxbo AT5105 – DNMS configuration
  • Oxbo AT4103 – LNMS configuration
  • Oxbo AT4103 – DNMS configuration
  • Oxbo 2340

The star of this pack probably is the Oxbo 6030 multi-function grape harvester, which is a very versatile machine with configurable harvester and sprayer attachments.

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