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Christmas deliveries

It is Christmas time again, which means it is also time for the annual tradition of hauling Christmas gifts in Euro Truck Simulator 2 and American Truck Simulator.

This year SCS Software has freshened up the tradition a bit by adding a whole new dimension to it. Literally another dimension. Because this time good are to be transported to and from Santa’s Winterland itself by the means of traversing through one of the many dimensional portals strategically put up on rest stops, refueling points and the likes.

No, you don’t have to hit 88 mph to make the dimensional jump. Only go to one of the designated portals.

The Winterland itself is as the name hints a very wintery place indeed with lots of snow and Christmas feeling. Also watch out, the roads are not only looking snowy – they make for snow driving when it comes to road grip too.

Driving through a winter wonderland.
Arriving to the Christmas market with a truck full of goodies.

As usual goods deliveries made in ETS2 and ATS add up together, so if you have both games you don’t have to do all the work twice in order to get the achievements and rewards for both.

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