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Medieval Dynasty Co-op premiers

Medieval Dynasty’s update and transformation into a co-op multiplayer game is just around the corner, and after trying out the beta, it looks very promising. With a new map, opportunities to design your player character, and a new background story with new possibilities, new vistas open up.

The cooperative game mode allows up to four players to play simultaneously. However, the new Oxbow map must then be used. The older map remains in the game but is almost now considered a separate version of the game as it was before the update. Now it’s no big loss because the scenery in Oxbow is at least as beautiful and interesting as the old map ever was. And even if you intend to play single-player, in practice Oxbow applies if you want to be able to customize your character, or play a female character.

Say hi to Matylda, the village foundling, who may or may not just have lifted some items from the castellan’s house because “Hey, the ones living here obviously are rich people and the castellan is kind of an ass anyway…”.

With the fact that player characters can now be of both sexes, the possibility for two players to create a joint family is also opened up. Unlike when only one party to the marriage is a player character and where the other NPC partner is always the one who stays home with the child for the first two years, a family consisting of two player characters will both be free to pursue other activities. The child then stays at home in his cradle instead.

Medieval Dynasty in its new Oxbow version is clearly a step forward for the game and I haven’t found any major flaws to complain about. The game seems to flow well. So for those who are looking for a calm and slow medieval existence in a graphically beautiful environment, Medieval Dynasty is now more appealing than ever.

Medieval Dynasty in multiplayer is available from 19.00 CET on December 7.

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