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Crusader Kings III: Starter Edition

Paradox has a new bundle offer for new players looking to get started with Crusader Kings III. The new Crusader Kings III: Starter Edition package includes, in addition to the base game, the DLCs Tours and Tournaments, Friends and Foes, Garments of the Holy Roman Empire, Elegance of the Empire, and Fashion of the Abbasid Court.

At the same time as the new package is launched, the old starter package called the Royal Edition will disappear from the stores.

Things to do while at sea

Seahorses, anyone?

“I am out riding, my dog Amiable beside me, when she suddenly runs off into the . My retinue assures me she will come back, but what if she doesn’t?!”

And as an extra bonus, not related to the above. Smurfs, meet king Gargamel ‘the Lame’ Fezensac of France.