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Göweil Pack coming in March

The first DLC pack for Farming Simulation 22 in 2023 has been revealed. It is going to be a collection of equipment focused on baling, with nine new tools from the Austrian Göweil brand.

It will not only be a bunch of new equipment, but also new possibilities when it comes to gathering stuff into bales. With the new machines corn silage, sugar beet pulp, mixed feed, and more can be baled and wrapped. It will also be possible to choose between net-binding and foil-wrapping when it comes to some of the resources.

As for the equipment there will be an assortment of both moveable and stationary machinery for baling and wrapping. In addition there will be new bale forks and grippers as well as a bale turner which supposedly will help in reducing the number of times you’ll have to chase after round bales going downhill.

The Göweil Pack will be released March 21 but can already be pre-ordered. The pack is included in the Year 2 Season Pass so those who have that will get it automatically on the release date.