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Farm Production Pack to FS22

The next DLC for Farming Simulator 22 is on its way and this time the focus is on production and logistics.

The Farm Production Pack is a collaboration between Dutch Modding Incorporated (DMI) and Giants Software, and the pack will bring all kinds of things in order to improve the logistics and resource management.

All in all the pack includes over 20 new machines, selling-points and buildings. This includes a full-blown distribution center for pallets of goods which can become a mini-game in itself.

For the crops there is the washer for rootcrops, improving their selling price. And speaking of selling, there’s also new placeable farm stores in different sizes where you can sell your produce.

The Farm Production Pack is coming April 30th for PC and consoles, but preorders are already open.

Cities: Skylines II – Beach Properties

The first add-on pack for Cities: Skylines II has now been released. The Beach Properties Asset Pack adds new items for those high-value (hopefully) waterfront properties.

Buyers of the DLC will get access to the following:

Waterfront Zone: A new residential zoning option dedicated to waterfront buildings allows you to redefine your city’s coastline.

Beach Properties: Each theme adds growable residential buildings waiting to populate your new waterfront zone, from luxurious waterfront mansions to charming beachside cottages.

Signature Waterfront Buildings: Tailored to fit into European or North American architectural themes, these signature buildings are crafted to highlight your city’s beachfront.

Beach Properties features 70 new assets, including:

  • 10 North American residential buildings with three levels (30 assets)
  • 10 European residential buildings with three levels (30 assets)
  • Six signature buildings
  • AND Four New trees

Beach Properties is also available as part of the Expansion Pass: Waterfronts, which is included in the Ultimate Edition.

Manor Lords will launch April 26

The much anticipated – it recently revealed that it is on 2 million wishlists on Steam – medieval town-and-fief-builder Manor Lords will launch on April 26. From what I’ve seen and glimpsed this far from the developer’s twitter and Steam, this one-single-dev game looks very promising. In particular for us who loved Banished.

Case IH Farmall mini-DLC

A new little mini-DLC has just been released for Farming Simulator 22 in order to celebrate the 100 year anniversary for the Case IH Farmall line of tractors.

The Case IH Farmall Anniversary Pack contains three items: the first is the Case IH Farmall 1066 Hydro, a model which was manufactured between 1971 and 1976 by International Harvester – the IH in today’s Case IH – and this classic six-cylinder diesel tractor is still going strong on farms and in vintage tractor circles today. The second is the modern Case IH Farmall C Series, a smaller-sized multipurpose tractor with 120 hp, and probably a bit more comfortable than its fifty year old predecessor. The third piece in the pack is the L630 frontloader for the Farmall C.

The price for the pack on Steam and on Giants’ own site is 1,49 €.

FS22 Premium Expansion items

Giants Software has now released a new garage video present the new machines and tools coming with the upcoming Premium Expansion Pack.

The Premium Expansion will add over 35 new items from both new and old brands. New brands are Dewulf, Gorenc, Agrio and WIFO, while there are additional machines from among others Bednar, Fiat, Grimme, Kverneland, and SaMasz.

The Premium Expansion Pack will be released November 14.

FS22 Premium Expansion: Welcome to Zielonka

In November it is time for the second big expansion pack for Farming Simulator 22. The Premium Expansion will – among many other things – provide a new official map with an east Polish feeling to it. So welcome to a sneak peek of Zielonka.

FS22: More about the Premium Edition

Giants have released some new videos showing off both Zielonka – the new map coming to Farming Simulator 22 with the Premium Expansion/Edition in November – and some of the new machinery that will be included.

Welcome to Zielonka.
New playthings.

The Premium Edition and the Premium Expansion Pack for Farming Simulator 22 will be released November 14, 2023.

Horsch Pack DLC coming soon

When it rains it pours. Which is probably a bad manner of speech when talking about a farming game. But it is true in the way that after the quite recently released Hay & Forage DLC, it is already time for the next one. The Horsch AgroVation Pack DLC is just around the corner as it will be released on July 25.

The Horsch AgroVation Pack will extend the game with a new map and 14 machines by the renowned German manufacturer.

The map in question is a little special in that it is a copy of Horsch’s own real life AgroVation farm located in Kněžmost, Czech Republic. The faithfully recreated farm layout and environment offers a variation of both small and large fields and various storage buildings. As such it provides excellent surroundings for the fleet of brand-new HORSCH machines that debut in the game.

In total the pack delivers 14 new Horsch machines of different sizes:

  • Avatar 12.25 SD (Seeder)
  • Cultro 9 TC (Mulcher)
  • Cultro 12 TC (Mulcher)
  • Cura 24 ST (Weeder)
  • Finer 6 SL (Shallow Cultivator)
  • Joker 8 RT (Disc Harrow)
  • Maestro 9.75 RX (Planter)
  • Maestro 24.50 SV (Planter)
  • Partner 1600 FT (Additional Tank)
  • Pronto 3 DC (Seeder)
  • Pronto 6 DC (Seeder)
  • Taro 6 SL (Seeder)
  • Tiger 8 MT (Cultivator)
  • Transformer 12 VF (Hoe)

The Horsch AgriVation Pack DLC can be pre-ordered now (with a 10% rebate). Those who already have purchased the Year 2 Season Pass will get it as a part of that on the release day.

FS22 Premium Edition

Giants Software has a big expansion in the plans for Farming Simulator 22. Come November it is time for the Premium Edition of the game to be released – or the equivalent Premium Expansion if you already own the base game.

The Premium version will deliver – among other things – three new crops, a new map named Zielonka with a central-to-eastern European feel, and a slew of new production chains, new brands and new machinery both for the caring for the new crops and more variety in general for the already existing ones.

The new crops will be carrots, red beets and parsnips, so in other words it is time for root crops to get a bit of a renaissance on the virtual fields.

The Premium Edition will contain all the DLCs published up until November, with the exception of the small, one-machine standalone DLCs released.

There will also be a Premium Expansion DLC which will only include the new Premium stuff.

Both the Premium Edition and the Premium Expansion can already be pre-ordered from Giants or Steam. The release day is set to November 14, 2023.

New Truck for ATS

With the latest patch for American Truck Simulator there’s also a new truck coming. The Western Star 5700XE.

It comes in three different main types – a day cab, the 54″ High Roof Stratosphere and the 82″ Ultra High Roof Stratosphere. Chassis available are short, medium and long versions in 6×2 and 6×4. The engines are Detroit Diesels, which offers the options of DD13, DD15 and DD16 up to 600HP.