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It is winter all around, so why not in Euro Truck Simulator 2 too? On my way with a delivery between the wintry Danish islands.

The winter feel is thanks to a package of mods called Frosty Winter which is made by Grimes and available on his web site. There’s also other seasonal mods there as well as some other. I haven’t yet used any of those though. But the winter one is truly great when you need a change from the ever-summer in the game.

With some extra thrust

It’s event time again in American Truck Simulator and Euro Tuck Simulator 2, and this time it’s all about delivering Thrustmaster equipment around the world. The reward: a nice little soft toy steering wheen plushie and a toy set of Thrustmaster pedals for your truck’s interior design needs. Oh, and closer to real life there’s also the opportunity to win an actual Thrustmaster set too.

Old and New

Euro Truck Simulator 2 in cooperation with DAF have added a new truck to the game and of course I had to try it out. So it became a delivery from Stockholm by ferry and fate had it that I would end up beside an older brethren DAF truck.

To the Black Sea

Finally it’s time for me to do my first tour to the countries bordering the Black Sea. I know, I’m late on this DLC. But better late than never I guess.

So in order to get there promptly I took a quick job in neighbouring Hungary and got a pretty nice red Renault to drive over the border.

A new addition to the stable

Luckily enough I had the ability to take out a loan and get my dear driver a shiny new Western Star. My verdict this far is that this will probably be the main choice for a while. It’s a very nice thing to drive.

And it only took a few days before I could afford some really neat airbrush art for it.

Time to visit Idaho

First foray into Idaho is done and the backhoe loader successfully delivered. Here I’m passing the Cedar Street Bridge Public Market in Sandpoint, Idaho.

And no, I didn’t so much as scratch that oncoming traffic. Somehow.

ATS screenshot.

Musical notes

This place is cultured!

ATS screenshot with Lumberjack The Musical ad.
“I’m a lumberjack and I’m ok”…