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A slight problem in the wine cellar

So we got this idea that since there actually exist a very nice wine cellar, maybe, just maybe it could be accessible with a skid steer. After all there are ramps…

They may be a bit steep though…

I will gracefully omit to show you what happens when trying to lift a heavy wine barrel with a skid steer which is already in a 45-degree angle. Let’s just say that its lift force and distribution of mass get a bit limited.

In the end, and after some experimenting, we found out that the better option was to let them slide down on their own.

These shenanigans took place on the Italia Emilia Extension map by Edomod – which is still one of the best maps in existence for FS22.

New and old

Isn’t it beautiful? The tractor I mean. A shiny new Kubota is doing its first job. Fetching water from what probably is the most picturesque water source I’ve ever come across on a map.

The map is Edomod’s Italia Emilia Extension, the Kubota is from Giants Kubota DLC and the Joskin water tank wagon is a trusty old base game item.

The Old-fashioned Way

There are times when you just feel more at home in a piece from the olden days.

There’s also the benefit of after having spent time driving around in European trucks right beforehand, this oldie from the turn of the millenium sort of feels more at home with its “the nose ends just in front of the windscreen” construction. I must admit that.

Cabover trucks are as I understand it not all that common in North America anymore, at least not as heavy long hauler trucks. The Freightliner Argosy was produced and sold in the US and Canada between 1999 and 2006. After that its main markets was Australia, New Zealand and South Africa until it was disconinued in 2020.

The Freightliner Argosy in question is a mod available in the Steam Workshop and is made by Harven and Lucasi.

Harvest time in Nebraska

It’s time to harvest the sorghum on the big fields in Nebraska so it’s time to bring out the big equipment.

Here we have the John Deere 9620 R and a Demco 1300 auger wagon taking a short break in the work. The John Deere is the basegame tractor while the Demco 22 Series grain cart is a very nice third-party mod from Custom Modding and is available in the official modhub.

And once the sorghum has been safely stored away it’s time for the next crop. This time soybeans. And there’s not always time enough during the daylight hours when there’s a lot to harvest.

Screenshot from FS22 showing harvesting with John Deere equipment
Soybean harvest at Green Valley Farm, Nebraska.

This time the tractor used is an older model year John Deere 9620 by SiiD Modding and a John Deere S790 harvester made by Giants Software themselves.

The Nebraska map is called Green Valley, Nebraska and is made by DJ Modding. It is available for download at their site.

Farming, old style

This is quite possibly the smallest harvester I’ve ever driven. But this little Vistula is so cute that it’s hard not to fall in love with it! Also you can almost feel the wind in your hair as you sit in the open seat, watching the golden straw go by.

The Vistula KZB-3 is a Polish harvester from earlier times manufactured by FMŻ. The mod is made by Deus_Volt and can be found in the official modhub.

The map I am on is the “eastern part of Europe”-inspired Osada, also available in the modhub. It is made by RajotGPLAY.

On the road in (new) Austria

With the latest patch for Euro Truck Simulator 2, SCS Software has released the new version of the Austria part of the basegame map.

Unlike the earlier revision of Germany, the Austria part is a total rework of every road and city in the country. And it shows! The difference from the old version is huge as this part of the map now is up to par with the latest DLCs when it comes to visual presentation and road network.

The fact that big parts of the country consists of very visually delightful Alpine views does make the result of the rework even more welcome. I can’t help but find myself loving to drive through the tunnels and across the valleys.

English farming

Doing some harvesting in the picturesque English countryside (although I admit it’s not the best picture for showing that). The map mod Calmsden Farm is made by Oxygendavid and is a very lifelike replica of the real life area in Gloustershire, England. The mod is available in the official modhub.

The harvester used in the picture is a basegame New Holland. And yes, it’s leased, because when starting from scratch the money for such shiny, new things are a bit limited.

Going north

After having accepted to do a delivery to the end of civilization, I sort of found myself taking ad photos in a Canadian sand pit. Seriously, Promods Canada offers some really nice scenery and looong winding gravel roads to get there.

Volvo truck with anime paint job

Then however I got back to civilization and had to spend more time sitting in a queue again. But at least even here the scenery sort of made up for it.

ATS Volvo truck with anime paint job queuing behond a school bus in a forest area

They grow up so fast

I’m not entirely sure what is the worst here. That my three year old son Ramadeva apparently has some very unusual friends for his age, the fact that I seemingly have no problem with socializing with him at inns, or that he’s trying to hook me up…