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FS22 Premium Edition

Giants Software has a big expansion in the plans for Farming Simulator 22. Come November it is time for the Premium Edition of the game to be released – or the equivalent Premium Expansion if you already own the base game.

The Premium version will deliver – among other things – three new crops, a new map named Zielonka with a central-to-eastern European feel, and a slew of new production chains, new brands and new machinery both for the caring for the new crops and more variety in general for the already existing ones.

The new crops will be carrots, red beets and parsnips, so in other words it is time for root crops to get a bit of a renaissance on the virtual fields.

The Premium Edition will contain all the DLCs published up until November, with the exception of the small, one-machine standalone DLCs released.

There will also be a Premium Expansion DLC which will only include the new Premium stuff.

Both the Premium Edition and the Premium Expansion can already be pre-ordered from Giants or Steam. The release day is set to November 14, 2023.

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