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Precision Farming for FS22 released

Giants have now released the game changing (if you want to, it’s still fully possibly to play without Precision Farming if you want to keep the simpler, traditional way of gameplay) Precision Farming DLC. Just like it’s namesake predecessor for FS19, the Precision Farming DLC is a project co-sponsored by an EU fund and John Deere among others.

Simultaneously the release of the DLC it is patch time again (patch 1.4) and as usual for Farming Simulator 22 it comes with not only bugfixes but also with some new free content. This time it is the new brand Salek as well as a new Claas machine. In total seven new things to play with.


Changes & Improvements:

  • Fixed server browser filter “allowCrossPlay” not being saved
  • Fixed rare issue when joining password protected servers
  • Fixed driving direction icons on various vehicles
  • Fixed combine headers tilted after AI has finished its job
  • Fixed unowned production points not consuming their inputs over time
  • Fixed reusing fertilizer effects with smaller working widths
  • Fixed front hubs on CLAAS Lexion 8900
  • Fixed slurry effects on Bomech Multi 4XL
  • Added missing connection hoses to John Deere 1775NT
  • Fixed AI starting to work while tool is not fully unfolded on Treffler TS 1520
  • Improved working on uneven terrain with Koeckerling Vector
  • Improved axle-rim alignment on Steyr 8150
  • Improved driving behavior of Boeckmann Big Master/Lizard Pickup 1986-combination when trailer is fully loaded
  • Improved lower distance to ground on levelers to reach the ground in the front with heavy weight attached on the rear hydraulics
  • Replaced wheels on John Deere XUV and Mahindra Retriever with new BKT tires

New additions:

  • Added tour page to the in-game menu including the latest instructions