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Valheim’s Hearth & Home update is coming

The next update to Valheim will arrive on September 16th and is aptly called Hearth & Home. It will add new building pieces as well as a more differentiated food menu. Both things that most likely will be well received by the player base.

Not that the current system and variation is in any way bad, but it never hurts with more fun items to play with.

Old and New

Euro Truck Simulator 2 in cooperation with DAF have added a new truck to the game and of course I had to try it out. So it became a delivery from Stockholm by ferry and fate had it that I would end up beside an older brethren DAF truck.

ETS2 Iberia DLC released

The latest DLC for Euro Truck Simulator 2 which adds Portugal and Spain to the driveable map is released today. And since the Iberian peninsula isn’t exactly small, this means that the driveable area has got a pretty big increase. Pretty is perhaps also a good word to use to describe the visual side of the expansion. SCS has really become good at what they do. The screenshots and videos we’ve got to see clearly shows that the ETS2 has come quite a long way from its beginnings!

Rottne DLC for FS19 out now

You like to work in the forest? Then Farming Simulator 19’s latest DLC may be something for you. The Rottne DLC available for purchase now contains a number of machines and equipment from the Swedish forestry machine brand Rottne.

To the Black Sea

Finally it’s time for me to do my first tour to the countries bordering the Black Sea. I know, I’m late on this DLC. But better late than never I guess.

So in order to get there promptly I took a quick job in neighbouring Hungary and got a pretty nice red Renault to drive over the border.

Precision Farming for FS19

The new free Precision Farming DLC has just been released for Farming Simulator 19. Now, this is a rather interesting thing since it’s something as unique as a project that is partially sponsored by an official EU body – EIT Food – as well as having the support of John Deere.

Basically it is an official mod that changes the way agriculture is handled in the game by introducing a more complex soil and fertilizing simulation. When the Precision Farming mod is active, the fields on the map get different types of soil – loamy sand, sandy loam, loam and silty clay – which all have somewhat different properties. In order to know what type of soil is on a particular field soil samples have to be taken and sent for analysis. When knowing what kind of soil is where, fertilizing can be properly done in a modern and precise fashion.

Instead of simply having to fertilize every field a set number of times, Precision Farming makes it possible to put the accurate and exact amount of fertilizer wherever it is needed. Which in the real world means that no more fertilizer than needed is deposited in the ground, which in turn leads to less environmentally damaginging overuse. A win for everyone.

You can read more about Precision Farming on Giants official site <a href=”″>here</a>.

Alpine Farming Expansion for FS19 released

Today is the premiere date for the Alpine Farming Expansion which brings a new offical map and agriculture equipment suitable for farming in mountainous areas.

The map is named Erlengrat and is a concentrate of the German Alps, with grassland valleys, slopes, and serpentine roads. It’s also fully compatible with the Seasons mod from the modhub, so the alpine landscape can be experienced during all seasons. Sadly I don’t think there will be any snow drifts isolating the valleys in winter, but still…

Colorado DLC for ATS is here

As of today the latest US state map for American Truck Simulator is released and it’s possible to start driving on the other side of the Continental Divide.

Colorado brings a bunch of new cities and transport destinations like gold mines and wind turbine factories.

The intrepid trucker can also now haul cargo along the Million Dollar Highway. A route as scenic as it is challenging as it snakes along steep mountainsides with, well, limited safety measures (look Ma, no guardrails!).