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Horsch Pack DLC coming soon

When it rains it pours. Which is probably a bad manner of speech when talking about a farming game. But it is true in the way that after the quite recently released Hay & Forage DLC, it is already time for the next one. The Horsch AgroVation Pack DLC is just around the corner as it will be released on July 25.

The Horsch AgroVation Pack will extend the game with a new map and 14 machines by the renowned German manufacturer.

The map in question is a little special in that it is a copy of Horsch’s own real life AgroVation farm located in Kněžmost, Czech Republic. The faithfully recreated farm layout and environment offers a variation of both small and large fields and various storage buildings. As such it provides excellent surroundings for the fleet of brand-new HORSCH machines that debut in the game.

In total the pack delivers 14 new Horsch machines of different sizes:

  • Avatar 12.25 SD (Seeder)
  • Cultro 9 TC (Mulcher)
  • Cultro 12 TC (Mulcher)
  • Cura 24 ST (Weeder)
  • Finer 6 SL (Shallow Cultivator)
  • Joker 8 RT (Disc Harrow)
  • Maestro 9.75 RX (Planter)
  • Maestro 24.50 SV (Planter)
  • Partner 1600 FT (Additional Tank)
  • Pronto 3 DC (Seeder)
  • Pronto 6 DC (Seeder)
  • Taro 6 SL (Seeder)
  • Tiger 8 MT (Cultivator)
  • Transformer 12 VF (Hoe)

The Horsch AgriVation Pack DLC can be pre-ordered now (with a 10% rebate). Those who already have purchased the Year 2 Season Pass will get it as a part of that on the release day.